Mango Liqueur

Mango Liqueur

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Bols Mango is a delicious mango liqueur with a light-golden colour. Bols Mango expertly captures the mouthwatering juiciness of a ripe mango, combining a subtle nose with a rich, full mouth feel and an aftertaste hinting at soft apricots and a touch of citrus. Bols Mango is crafted with natural botanicals.

Bols Mango can be used in many different (tropical) cocktails. But our favorite cocktails with this juicy mango liqueur are the Mango Margarita and the Mango Lassi.

Bols Mango got rewarded with the Silver medal during the SIP Awards 2018!

Taste - Juicy ripe mango with aftertaste of soft apricot and citrus hints
Aroma - Tropical, sweet and subtle nose

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