Parfait Amour

Parfait Amour

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Bols Parfait Amour is a beautiful dark purple liqueur flavored with flower petals and vanilla, together with orange peel and almonds. The Parfait Amour liqueur flavour is centuries old and probably one of the most fascinating and complex of all the Bols liqueurs.

A lovely cocktail made with Bols Parfait Amour is the English Rose. This cocktail is the perfect mix between the botanical flavours of gin and the floral touch of parfait amour liqueur. Or try Bols Parfait Amour in a classic Shades of Grey cocktail. In this drink, the beautiful purple colour really shines!

Taste - Rose and violet petals and orange with a subtle hint of vanilla
Aroma - A fragrant scent of roses amidst other blossoms

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